1:YangShuo - Dong Village Hotel

A.By Train:  There  high speed trains  from YangShuo to SanJiang, it take about 1 hour. take a taxi from SanJiang South to ChengYang(about 40 minutes)

2:GuiLin-Dong Village Hotel

A: By Train: There are a lot high speed trains from GuiLin  to SanJiang South(about 30 minutes),  and then take a taxi from SanJiang South to ChengYang(about 40 minutes).

B: By bus: Take  bus from GuiLin QinTan Bus-Station 琴潭车站 to SanJiang east bus-station 汽车东站( take about 3 hours), and then go to the west-bus station 汽车西站to change  another bus to ChengYang.

 3:LongSheng DaZhai or PingAn -Dong Village Hotel

Take a bus from DaZhai  or PingAn to LongSheng(there are quite a lot buses from DaZhai  or PingAn to LongSheng, and it take about 1 hour), and then change a bus from LongSheng to SanJiang(it take about 1 and half hour), the bus  stop at the east bus-station 河东车站, and you have to go to the west bus station 河西车站 to take another  bus to ChengYang. (it take about 30 munites to ChengYang),


4:ZhaoXin-Dong Village Hotel

take a taxi or bus from ZhaoXing to CongJiang train station,   and then take high speed train to SanJiang south, rent a taxi to ChengYang.



we are also very happy to arrange  transportation  for our guests if they request.


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