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 Our tours are designed for travellers who want immense themself in the travel experience, to see the place that the majority of tourests never get to see or never outside visitors set foot on. we offer package tours and customized tours. our service is offed in GuangXi,GuiZhou,HuNan and YuNan provinces. Our tours are mainly focus on the Ethnic Minority area, this region own the distinctive natural landscape and colorful ethnic culture.  we encourage ours guests to interact with the local people, discover the realistic local lifestyle. give them the opportunity to help with preserving the surrounding nature, cuture and traditions, give visitors a chance of real outdoor experience.


Our trekking tours are highly recommended, the trekking tours are bewteen 2 and 10 days in lenth, mostly stay in the ethnic minority homestays, along with incredible landscape and colorful ethnic minority culture.

  the  guide are knowledgeable and passionate. we try our best to make you satisfied.

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