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 My name is Michael, the owner of the Dong Village Hotel . l was born in a small Dong village in ChengYang, as most of the children, l had a happy and carefree childhood in the countryside.  l started  my hotel(Dong Village Hotel)near the famouls ChengYang Wind and Rain Bridge in 1998, it was a very small guesthouse at that time,  it is much bigger and more comfortable now.  not many guests came at the beginning, and most cumstomers were foreigners. l had a lot of opportunity to practice my oral English, exchanged ideas with them, it helped a lot to enlarged my vision, increase my knowlege.

To be a local person in ChengYang,  familiar with the local matter, l always happy to give the information of travelling to guests when they need, answer any questions and  requests from visitors, sometime become a guide for them if it is necessary.  

 l am a famer also, sometims work in the rice paddy and mountains, familiar with the agricultural knowledge. It is lucky for me since l have three jobs:  famer, guide and the owner of the Dong Village Hotel.

As most of the minorities, the Dong Ethnic Minority lives in the remote area, it is difficult access to the region. They have a self-sufficient life, a life without sorrow and anxiety.  "Wind and  Rain Bridge", "Drum-tower" and "Grand Song" are known as the Dong Ethnic Minority three gems. As a Dong Ethnic Minority person, Dong language is my native language. it is easier for me to help you make a trip in the Dong area. l am very happy to show you the Dong culture, lifestye,architecture......etc.  l will do my best to help you have a good experience in China.

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