5 days tour: Dragonbone Rice Terraces-YangShuo



meet the guide in GuiLin air-port,drive  about 3 hours to DaZhai Red Yao village at the foot of the JinKeng Rice Terrraces, and then hike one hour to the top of the JinKeng Rice Terraces. viisit the view piont at the late afternoon, stay in TianTou Yao village.



It take about 6 hours to hike today. start to walk from TianTou village, pass ZhongLiu Yao village, PingAn Zhuang village and  Rice Terraces on the way, go to the view piont for the fantastic view of the Rice Tarreces near PingAn. Have lunch in PingA, and then continue another hour walking to LongJi Ancient Zhuang Ethnic Minority village, stay in LongJi village.


It take about one hour to Walk down the mountains from LongJi village in the mornig, and then drive about 3 and half hours to YangShuo. Ride bicycle along the YuLong river, visit the Karst peaks and some old village  in the afternoon, stay in YangShuo.


Drive about 40 munites from YangShuo to XingPing in the morning, you have two options todays.

option1: Take about 6 hours to hike along the LiRiver from XingPing to YangDi, have lunch on the way. the scenery from XingPing to YangDi is the most beautiful part of the LiRiver. And then drive about one hour from YangDi to YangShuo, stay in YangShuo.

option2: take a motorrized bamboo rafting on the LiRiver, enjoy the unique view of the Karst peaks, visit the XingPing old street in the morning, and then drive to FuLi old town in the afternoon, wander in the old street, visit some family-made paper fan workshop there. back to YangShuo, stay in YangShuo.


Ride bicycle to the Moon Hill, climb to the top for the great view over the Karst peaks scenery i, and then ride the bicycle arond the countryside in the morning.  drive to GuiLin airport in the afternoon.


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