6 days tours: Drangonbone Rice Terraces-SanJiang-GuiLin


Day1: meet the guide in GuiLin, drive about 2 and half hours to DaZhai Red Yao Villages, stop to visit an old village with some builting more than 2 hundred years old on the way, and then hike one hour to the top of JinKeng Rice Terraces,  visit the view piont at the late afternoon, stay in TianTou Yao village.

Day2: Take about 5 hours hike from TianTou Yao Village to PingAn Zhuang Village, pass ZhongLiu Yao village and Rice Terraces on the way, visit the view pionts for the great view of the Rice Terraces near PingAn, stay in PingAn.

Day3: Drive about 2 and half hours from PingAn to ChengYang wich is made up of 8 villages, has a six hundred years history. visit the Wind and Rain Bridges, Drum-Towers and villages there, stay in ChengYang.

Day4: Drive to GaoYou after breakfast, it is a nice Dong Village in the mountains that maintains the tradition architectural construction art of Dong minority village, walk in the GaoYou village and then hike about one hour to GaoXiu Dong Villages, pass rice paddy one the way. have lunch in a local family. back ChengYang in the afternoon, stop in GuangDong to walk in the village, the traditional Dong folk-custom such as "the 100 dishes feast","the Dongs traditional grand chorus",have become the most precious and attractive tourism resources in GuangDong village. stay in ChengYang.

Day5: Drive about 2 and half hours from ChengYang to visit some  Dong,Yao and Miao ethnic minority villages in the remote monutains in Liang Kou and YangXi, which few outside visitors have set foot on the land. and the distinctive local customs and culture have been well preserved. the view is fantastic there. stay in YangXi

Day6: Take an early morning ferry from Yangxi down the DuLiu River  to LaoBao (1 hour), visit the nice view along the river. dirve to GuiLin in the afternoon. tour conclude.


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