10 days GuangXi Minority tour


Day1: meet the guide in GuiLin and drive to DanZhou, It is a small island with beautiful landscapes, historical relics and ancient residential houses. Built in Ming Dynasty with a history of more than 400 years.  visit its ancient city gate, the old colleges,   historical assembly hall and the old county yamen (local ancient administration is the afternoon, stay in DanZhou.

Day2:  Drive to Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, which is the mere Miao minority county in Guangxi. The Miao ethnic group is famous for its many grand festivals, including the drum festival, sowing festival, seedling festival and horse-fighting festivals. visit some Maio villages in the big mountains with charming natural scenery. stay in DaNian.

Day3: Drive to DuLiu River, take a ferry boat to the other side of the River,  and then drive to NuTu CaoMiao village, CaoMiao is a small branch of the Miao Ethnic Minority with a total population of 70,000.  walk in NuTu village, see the great view of the Rice Terraces. and then hike to QingYe, an interesting village made up of a combination of Dong, Miao and Yao minorities.  Drive to YangXi, stay inYangXi.

Day4: Drive to DuDong after breakfast, visit  the Zhuolong village where the Red Army once stationed, Baxie Drum-tower, Batuan Double-passageway "wind and rain" Bridge on the way. have lunch in DuDong,  Drive to LinLue Dong village, enjoy the great view of the Rice Terraces there, and then drive to the mysterious Datangao Natural Lake at the top of the mountain, walk along the lake, back to DuDong, stay in DuDong.

Day5: Drive to ChengYang in the morning,  visit tea-plantation on the way.  ChengYang is made up of eight small villages with a total population of 10,000.  ChengYang Wind and Rain Bridge is the most famous in China. walk in the villages in the afternoon, stay in ChengYang.

Day6: Drive to DaZhai Red Yao ethnic village, and then hike about 1 hours to the JinKen Rice Terraces, walk to the different view pionts for the great view of the Rice Terraces, stay in TianTou Red Yao village.

Day7: Drive to XingPing in the morning, stop in DaXu old town which  first appeared in the Song dynasty has a history over 1000 years. visit the old DaXu old town, enjoy the great view of the karst peaks on the way, stay in XingPing.

Day8: Take the LiRiver cruise, hiking along the LiRiver, walk in the old street in XingPing in the morning. and then drive to FuLi old town in the afternoon, walk in the old street, visit the nice small factories making painted paper fans there, drive to YangShuo, stay in YangShuo.


Day9. It take whole day for cycling in YangShuo today. Start to ride the bicycle along the YuLong River, visit JiuXian old village, YuLong Bridge, pass rice paddies, orcharts, pass  the small villages, discover the real local lifestyle. reach  Moon Hill in the afternoon, climb to the top of the Moon Hill for great views over the karst peak scenery. stay in YangShuo.

Day10, Drive to GuiLin, visit the Lakes, twin pagodas and the parks in GuiLin , and then drive to GuiLin air-port for departure.


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